I enjoy speaking to an audience of my peers in the scientific community. I also enjoy speaking about science to the broader public through talks that I've tailored to the lay audience. The following are my most popular talks and workshops that I've delivered to audiences in academic settings.

The Ups and Downs of Female Anxiety: Estrogen and Reproductive Cycle Effects on Fear Regulation 
Tailored to any audience, I discuss the disproportionate incidence of anxiety disorders in women and present tools to measure anxiety in a laboratory setting. Next, I present a set of studies that examined the influence of a woman's reproductive cycle on her ability to regulate emotions. 


What is Biomedical Research?
This presentation is tailored to students new to the field of biomedical research. Ideal for undergraduates entering a research program, this talk profiles major types of biomedical research while challenging students to consider their own path in biomedical research.    

Navigating a Science Career
This presentation outlines various career paths in science while addressing common challenges and hindrances to students’ success. I discuss the pros and cons of various career paths and emphasize the need for more diversity in science and technology careers. This talk is best suited for undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated some commitment to a science career.  


Constructing an Effective Curriculum Vitae (workshop)
In this workshop, students work together to actively construct their dream CV based on their chosen career path. Using sample CVs from successful scientists and administrators in academia, students will chart out their goals in the form of accomplishments, while learning the strategy of making an effective CV. 

After her scientific seminar at Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences, graduate students had the opportunity to converse with her, nourishing themselves with her experiences and her professional advice for success.

The next day at University Puerto Rico Ponce, Dr. Glover caught the attention of the undergraduate students with her presentation "Navigating a Science Career". It is true that a career in science does not follow a straight and clear path. Dr. Glover presented pros and cons about this career path so that all of the students in the conference room would have a better idea of what they can expect from their desired profession. 


With her enthusiasm, she challenged students to take the chance and submerge themselves in the exciting journey of choosing science as a career. 

It was great to hear her advice and appreciate her achievements during her professional career.

-Marangelie Criado-Marrero


I also deliver talks to non-academic audiences where I infused my personal journey into topics related to trauma, resilience, and mental health equity.